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Notify Your Supervisor Immediately

Call 911 if this is a life-threatening injury.

Administer first aid if necessary.

An incident report should be completed for all workplace injuries, near misses,
and property damage.  Complete incident report(s) on Anchorock.

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WorkPartners must be called before seeking medical attention from anyone other than On-Site Physical Therapy.

Muscle Strain & Sprain Injuries

Immediate Triage - All Locations 612-354-6401

Advice will be given by a physical therapist, including early intervention treatment such as health & wellness and post-accident treatment.  This service can be used for both work and non-work related strains and sprains.  You can also use the Star Triage - Employee app or contact the designated physical therapist in your area.

Twin Cities & National - Bre Posey 612-486-2745
Duluth, MN - Ashley Williams 218-310-9274
Wisconsin Area - Laurie Harvison 612-470-4502

Non Life Threatening Injuries

Call 1-800-359-5020 for non-life-threatening injuries like eye injuries, lacerations, etc.  

Advice and self-treating instructions will be given by a healthcare professional. Expect follow-up phone calls until the injury resolves.

If Treatment is Needed, WorkPartners Will:

Schedule an appointment for you and provide directions;
Relay all necessary information about your injury to the medical provider to ensure faster care upon your arrival;
Provide a first report of injury to the State and Insurance;
Notify Hunt/ECSI about the accident.

Hunt's Safety Team Contacts

Andy Shea, Safety Manager

Diana Nelson, Safety Manager
tel: 612-437-8869

Ron Kuehn, Site Safety Lead

Sami LeRoy, Corporate Safety Specialist

Derek Engseth, Safety Manager - Duluth

Jeff Zdebski, National Safety Manager