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Careers at Hunt Electric


Top Workplace for 4 Years

The “organizational health” of our company was assessed and the results are in! We have been named a Top Workplace for 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023! This award celebrates companies that prioritize a people centered culture and give employees a voice.  Top Workplace companies have been recognized based solely on surveys about the workplace completed by their employees.
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Our People

Our Hunt Electric family is a mix of seasoned pros and fresh faces in the industry. We’re a team, and we thrive on sharing our wisdom with each other. Whether it’s a “think outside the box” idea for a project or the secret recipe to the best chili in the annual cook-off - we’re all ears! 

Joe Boser

Joe Boser

Project Manager
19 Years

"As I continue to evolve and grow in the industry, change and challenges continue to present themselves with diverse projects.  Hunt continues to meet not only our customers needs, but potential future needs with our experience/diversity regarding different product lines, our project portfolio, and prefabrication experiences.  This coupled with the great people that work here and the relationships I’ve developed over the past 19 years keep me at Hunt Electric."

Ryan Dickey Low Voltage Estimator

Ryan Dickey

Low Voltage Estimator
2 Years

On a normal day, Ryan reviews projects for potential bidding and digs deeper to decide what to add to our bid board. Next, he works on take-offs of different systems and cross references them with their associated specs. This includes getting pricing from vendors and clarifying anything that might affect the price. That could mean a pre-bid walkthrough to verify routing of cabling, pathway, existing conditions, etc. From there, Ryan estimates the installation of the system as described on the drawings.

The next step is to work as a team to complete a project review of the scope and specifications so we can be competitive as possible. Then he writes the proposal, crosses his fingers, and hits submit!

After, Ryan follows up with the customers for results and feedback. If we are awarded the project, he completes an initial project setup for the project manager and reviews the scope with them so that they fully understand the project before construction begins.

Eric Klassen Electrician/Generator Technician

Eric Klassen

Electrician / Generator Technician
5 Years

"I think the best thing about our company culture is, even though Hunt is a bigger company no one in the company seems bigger than the company itself. Meaning from the people in the field and everyone in the office and warehouses they will all take the time to say "hi" and answer any questions or concerns, no matter who you are. It's a nice team atmosphere."

Emily Lindblom

Emily Lindblom

Training and Development Specialist
3 Years

"What excites me about coming to work each day are the challenging and exciting projects I get to be a part of! Many of the projects I work on focus on empowering employees' growth and developing their knowledge, skills and capabilities to drive results. These projects include training initiatives, career pathing, personal and professional development, and coaching. I have a passion for helping maximum employee growth and development. Having the opportunity to focus on that daily and watching our employees grow and develop puts a huge smile on my face!"

Preetham Munshi VDC Designer

Preetham Munshi

VDC Designer
4 Years

"Working at Hunt has been amazing. Everyone is willing to help and support, this sets a good foundation for success and reflects the company culture. The management is very accessible, cooperative and respectful to the employees-this generates trust and a healthy work environment that I am happy to be a part of. Working with an amazing collaborative team in the VDC department gives me confidence and courage to take up and tackle any challenges on the job. I also love the package offered. Since Hunt is employee owned, it motivates me to work hard, and well all see the benefits from it. Overall, I have been very happy working here. If you are considering a job at Hunt - you won't regret it."

Diana Nelson Safety Manager

Diana Nelson

Safety Manager, Wisconsin Branch
18 Years

"During my career I’ve found it surprising how the field foreman are so welcoming and are great at explaining their work so someone who is not an electrician can understand.  They are also open to advice in regards to safety concerns I have had.  I feel like the best part though, is that we look out for one another at Hunt.  Most employees don’t feel the need to say “that’s not my job.”"

David Suggs Foreman

David Suggs

17 Years

"I'm very appreciative of the opportunities that Hunt has given me to grow as an electrician, between given the opportunity to run work and having trust in me to helping the company build relationships with customers.  The company is always willing to help me grow and has never put extra pressure on me to be better or do anything that doesn't make sense, between the project managers and management, there is always a team that produces a plan that makes sense for everyone."

Zak Swenson

Zak Swenson

VDC Team Manager
5 Years

"My job as a VDC Team Manager is always bringing on new challenges, weather that be new software, prefab, modeling and coordination, you never know what is going to happen!  But what keeps me here?  The people I work with! Over the years I have been here I have made a lot of great friends that I hang out with outside of work going to Vikings games, golf, or happy hours."

Xai Lor

Xai Lor

Accounts Receivable Manager
13 Years

"It's impressive how much the size of the company has grown over the last 10 years and I feel that it’s telling of the success and of the core values as they relate to the employees and customers.  It’s rewarding when you’re able to complete a project or a challenge one day at a time and part of Hunt’s culture is that everyone works hard to get the job done."

Kelly Laurent

Kelly Laurent

Corporate Cleaner
4 Years

"The people at Hunt are the best part of coming to work each day.  They are kind and make me feel very welcome.  No matter what your job title is here, you feel like part of the team and your efforts are important to keep everything running smoothly.  Work/life balance is important to me and my supervisor respects the work that I do and knows I will complete what I need to do each day.  In return, I’m allowed reasonable flexibility with my schedule."

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Visualizing Your Future: Perks & Benefits

Hunt provides the perfect blend of big-company stability, resources, and opportunities, with the tight-knit team culture, creative spirit, and customer loyalty of a local business. Find Your Place On The Hunt Team.

  • Internship Program

    Internship Program

    Walk before you run. Gain knowledge and experience in the industry, while setting yourself up for success. Side note - we’ve offered full time positions to 100% of our interns.

  • Career Track

    Career Track

    At a fork in the road? Our company structure allows for multiple career paths while employed at Hunt. We help employees to explore their strengths and interests.

  • Community Involvement

    Community Involvement

    Want to put the cheese on the sandwiches or the bologna? Take your pick. From sandwich making for local shelters to blood drives, to Plane Pulling Teams at the airport, we give back. And we have fun doing it.

  • Healthcare Benefits


    Health, dental, and vision plans are 100% employer paid.  As in ZERO comes out of your pocket for the premiums.  Want to opt out?  Take the handsome cash benefit.  Destination or staycation?  Take your pick.  We offer a generous vacation plan that starts at 2 weeks PLUS sick time.

  • Hunt Electric Employee Perks


    Free Caribou coffee? Yes please. At Hunt you’ll also enjoy our annual company picnic at Valleyfair, a Casino Night holiday party with over 300 prizes, you can wear jeans every day, and we offer a hybrid remote work policy!  And okay, fine - most companies offer paid holidays.  But do they close the office on Black Friday too!?

  • Compensation and Pay


    A $50 gift card will cover your Thanksgiving Day turkey, but a discretionary bonus with more zeroes on the end goes further.  We've got you covered.  Earn Employee Stock Ownership allocations on the basis of your relative pay - no need to buy any shares.  Not enough?  We will match 25% of the first 6% of your income you deposit into your 401(k).

Opportunities For Employees

Core Values

Our core values provide a consistent message of who we are – both past and present, while giving direction to the future:

We Honor Our Commitments.

We Set the Pace.

We Find a Way.

We are Better Together.

What we’ve defined as core values have existed in this organization since 1965.  These are not created new to move forward with, they were brought together, scraped out of stories and different experiences that really built the foundation of this company.

  • Impacting Lives

    Our goal is to positively impact the lives of our employees, their families, customers, and communities that we live and work in.  Which means we also want to work with partners who value that as well.
  • Well-Rounded Workforce

    We have created a workforce that is well-rounded in both world view and demographics, creative and full of team players. 
  • People First Approach

    We make decisions based on our values and our people first approach. We seek partners who do the same for within their business.
  • Partners in Education

    We are a strong partner in the education system so that we can acquire and keep the most talented individuals in the construction industry.
  • Delivering Solutions

    We deliver solutions, innovate, adapt, and remain profitable as our markets, our organization, and the economy grows and evolves.  
  • Industry Leader

    We strive to be an industry leader based on what we do and how we do it.  Building on the success and knowledge of our past and present allows us to provide our clients with unmatched service as we grow.