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Preconstruction Capabilities BIM VDC


Effective preplanning lays a foundation for success from day one. We recognize the value of a thorough preconstruction process and dedicate substantial resources to making sure your project starts off on the right foot - and stays there.

Unique Preconstruction Services

We prioritize open and honest communication.  This helps us fully clarify the scope of work and develop the most comprehensive plans, schedules, and cost estimates possible.  Our depth of experience and extensive internal resources ensure we lead with confidence - even when information is limited, a schedule is fast-tracked, or we encounter unique project challenges.

Notable Projects

Building Information Modeling 5D BIM


At the heart of our VDC process is our 60+ person, in-house BIM/VDC team.  Our specialists use industry-leading programs to develop 3D models of every project that comes through our doors.  They work with other departments to interpret and leverage model insights - boosting efficacy throughout the entire project life cycle.

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Electrical Preconstruction Engineering3D BIM Model for Electrcial PreconstructionVDC Virtual Design and Construction

Electrical Preconstruction Processes & Capabilities

  • Conceptual Estimating
  • Large Scale Equipment Layouts
  • Project Enhancement Ideas
  • Major Equipment Selections
  • Life-Cycle-Analysis Costs
  • Lean Construction Principles
  • Drawing & MEP Coordination
  • Cost Analysis Evaluations
  • As-Built Documentation
  • Targeted Budget Design
  • Utility Coordination
  • Integrated Project Delivery

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