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Kokomo, IN | September 2025

Fusion Battery Plant

Project Fusion is a 3.3 million s.f. battery plant in Kokomo, Indiana which is set to open in 2025. Hunt Electric is one of the main electrical contractors on-site working with some of our electrical partners in the area. 


A notable aspect of this project was the extensive prefabrication of 4” EMT conduit. It marked the  first project where the majority of the overhead conduit was installed using the Crippa bender at Baer Manufacturing totaling around 120,000 feet. Apart from the overhead conduit, various other prefabrication methods were employed throughout the project. The project’s success was greatly attributed to the collaborative efforts of the on-site team, making the challenging task more feasible.


At the project’s outset, a challenge arose from insufficient information regarding the process line. As more details came to light, the project team pinpointed noteworthy issues. Nevertheless, through the active participation of the General Foreman and the competent ACP and VDC teams, we collectively resolved these concerns before they affected the site.


  • Under Construction
  • Industrial

Hunt’s Role