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Brooklyn Park, MN | December 2025

Medtronic BCS Gear Replacement

Medtronic needed to replace multiple major components of their electrical distribution system in one of their critical operations buildings. Hunt was awarded the preconstruction and design contract to provide the owner with the most accurate budget for early procurement, temporary power and equipment installation.  


Once the budget is approved, equipment installation is planned for a Christmas 2025 shut down in order to minimize the amount of downtime. Our engineering team worked closely with Medtronic, our operations team, and field team, and by utilizing our boots on the ground, we have been able to create design documents that reflect the most efficient installation process. Looks like Christmas 2025 will be one to remember!


The Medtronic campus utilizes SKM Systems Analysis for all of their electrical studies. In order to better serve Medtronic, one of our most established clients, our team purchased this software and was able to learn it on the fly and create an electrical distribution model. This will aid our client in all future modifications to the facility. Adding this expertise to our toolbox removes any software limitations on electrical studies while also allowing us to provide this service to more of our clients.


Today’s industry is constantly evolving, and Medtronic is no different. This facility has undergone numerous revisions and remodels as their industry changes.  This requires an understanding of how the client operates this particular facility, their critical processes, and a strong grasp on the time frames necessary to implement new electrical distribution. Adapting to these needs in short time frames is key to meeting the challenges of the industry today.  By working closely with Medtronic and our design and operations groups, we were able to find a way to meet the challenge and once again prove that we are better together.


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