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Thursday, January 18, 2024

Brandon Hagen Promoted to Regional Vice President

Hunt Electric's COO, Keith Colvard, has appointed Brandon Hagen as the new Regional Vice President. Brandon will oversee the branch offices in Duluth, Rochester, Hudson, and Chippewa Falls, and work closely with branch managers to address operational challenges and guide future business development. He has worked for Hunt for over five years, contributing his skills to various sectors. Brandon enjoys design-build/design-assist projects and looks forward to expanding existing client relationships and cultivating new ones.

New Regional Vice President for Hunt Electric

BLOOMINGTON, MN – January 2024 – Hunt Electric's Chief Operating Officer, Keith Colvard has announced the appointment of Brandon Hagen as the company's new Regional Vice President.  Brandon will be overseeing our branch offices located in Duluth, Rochester, Hudson, and Chippewa Falls. His primary responsibility is to work closely with branch managers and address any operational challenges that may arise while also guiding future business development in these market areas.

Brandon has been with Hunt for just over five years and has contributed his skills across various sectors, including higher education, healthcare, aviation, distribution centers, casinos, sports facilities, cleanroom manufacturing, and mission critical work.

When asked about his favorite project at Hunt, Brandon said, "While it's challenging to pick a favorite project at Hunt, I enjoy in engaging with design-build/design-assist projects." Brandon likes collaborating with our in-house engineering and design team, ECSI, alongside external project teams, allowing us to bring our clients' visions to life. He believes the beauty of this project delivery method is that, post-design, we become integral players in the construction process and get to showcase the benefits of integrating design with Advanced Construction Planning, prefabrication and operations all under one roof.


As Regional Vice President, Brandon is excited to work with the great teams that we already have in place at our branch offices, expanding on existing client relationships, and cultivating new ones.  Hunt is committed to growth and Brandon looks forward to playing a key role in connecting individuals with exciting opportunities.  

Congratulations Brandon!  Well deserved!