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Orion Township, MI | February 2025

Orion Paint Shop

Construction of General Motors Paint Shop in Orion Township, MI 

This large scale paint shop for General Motors includes the safe installation of all power from the substations to utilization equipment in an industrial environment loaded with other trades and systems.


The success of this job was dramatically increased by the great flow of communication between VDC – ACP – Field. The field leadership also conducted daily internal huddles to forecast and overcome any constraints and decrease the amount of re-work required.

Careful Coordination

This project was jammed full of industrial trades. The client required pull calculations prior to any wire pull specifying how much tension and sidewall pressure the cables are subjected to. This assures the performance and longevity of the product, but more importantly, the safety of the pulling crew. The success of an allowable pull calc originates with finding a path through the network of process piping, HVAC, and all other trades without having too many bends or offsets between pull points. 


  • Under Construction
  • Industrial
  • Design/Assist

Hunt’s Role