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Casselton, ND | September 2024

North Dakota Soybean Processing Facility

This greenfield site is made up of facilities for bean receiving, utilities, preparation, extraction, food grade oil refining, and rail loadout and loading. The plant produces crude oil, refined and bleached oil, RFC oil, meal, pelleted hulls, soap stock, and distillate. 

Though this was not a design-assist project, we still participated as a design- assist team with McGough and the owner’s design team. We provided multiple value engineering ideas, connected all electrical equipment, installed the fiber network, and handled instrumentation wiring.

Flexing our Flexibility

In the first year of working on this project, the owner requested we substitute a different manufacturer for the electrical distribution equipment and project controls package. 
Though it took a good deal of effort and resources, we were able to utilize our industry relationships to transition to a new supplier while keeping the project on schedule.


  • Crush 42.5 million bushels of soybeans the first year in operation. That’s a lot of soy!
  • Provide employment for 50 – 60 people from the surrounding area. 
  • Produce products such as refined soybean oil for both food and bio-diesel, soybean meal and hull pellets.


  • Under Construction
  • Design/Assist
  • Industrial

Hunt’s Role