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Parshall, ND | May 2024

MHA Gas Capture Greenhouse

Emphasizing Self-Reliance

After returning from a trip to Europe where he saw a self-sufficient facility powered by a Jenbacher generator, The Chief of the MHA Tribe proposed an idea to the tribe—to construct their own greenhouse.

The Chief envisioned a facility containing a greenhouse and an attached headhouse, connecting it to an adjoining warehouse for storage and workspace. Additionally, the Chief wanted an administrative building, a retail shop, and a heat plant to power the whole facility.  By having their own greenhouse, the tribe can grow produce year-round, regardless of weather. They will gain food independence and be able to supplement their healthful diets with homegrown produce. The Chief knew being self-sufficient would empower the tribe and strengthen community bonds. His innovative greenhouse idea is a visionary step toward a more self-reliant future.

A TERO (Tribal Employment Rights Ordinance) license refers to a tribal law that regulates employment and contracting on Native American reservations. With a TERO license, businesses gain exclusive access to bid on tribal contracts and are given priority in hiring Native staff for projects on tribal lands.

Weather Report

Located in the northwest corner of North Dakota, Parshall experiences some extreme weather fluctuations. The winters are long, with temperatures often dropping below zero and blizzards dumping feet of snow at a time. The arid climate means little rain in the Summer, so dust storms can whip up without warning. The drastic swings from season to season—and even day to day!—make working in Parshall an ever-changing experience. 


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