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El Paso, TX | May 2020

Mobile Containerized Solution

Hunt Electric Corporation, along with several project partners, have developed a mobile, multi-functional, self-cleaning containerized solution.

To best address the full range of emergency medical needs, our team designed three unique units. Each model is configured to serve a specific purpose:

  • Emergency care
  • Testing, triage and outpatient care
  • Housing and medical storage

Each container is designed as a stand-alone tool to assist with pandemic response, disaster relief, temporary housing, and other acute needs. The mobile containers can be deployed as needed to ease the widespread pressure on medical infrastructure as it peaks in different locations at different times.

The Final Product: A Comprehensive Containerized Solution

In just one month, our team brought the testing, triage, and outpatient care unit from innovative designs and ideas to completed proof-of-concept that is production ready. This durable, highly-flexible solution provides a wide variety of solutions for a wide variety of end users. The fully-equipped base units can be modified to meet the specific needs of the situations to which they are deployed.


  • Self-contained mechanical and electrical systems
    • HVAC with high-level filtration and 100% outdoor air
    • Hand-sinks for each space
    • Lighting and power with control for each space
    • Ability to connect to utility or generator power
  • Demountable wall-partitions to maximize the flexibility of the space
  • Data and documentation integration for smart tagging and reading of systems, equipment and inventory items
  • Interior floor, walls, and ceiling made with Altro PVC hygienic surfaces for extremely efficient cleaning.
  • A proprietary self-cleaning system with Bioquell interfacing with doors, hardware, HVAC system and patented vaporized hydrogen-peroxide to disinfect spaces in minutes between patients.

Before deployment, the base units can be outfitted with a variety of wall-mounted accessories, medical equipment, and inventory. This flexibility enables end users to support nearly every urgent need that can arise in an emergency.


Powering the Future of Crisis Response

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New Clean Cube installed at UMC clinic


  • Design/Build
  • Healthcare

Hunt’s Role