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Minneapolis, MN | October 2024

Hennepin Healthcare Red Generator Project

We are removing four generators and installing three new ones at Hennepin Healthcare in Minneapolis. Since we are removing the backup system of this trauma level 4 hospital, we had to put two huge temporary generators on the street while we remove the four old generators in the basement. With the generators outside on full view, this is a high profile project, and imperative to complete without incident.

Compliance Partnership Program

Because of the uniqueness of this project and since we are the general contractor, we applied for the Compliance Partnership Program with MN OSHA as a CHASE level 3 project.  We value the expert input given on a monthly basis that we are doing everything possible to prevent incident to our employees and sub-contracted employees. We are proud to have been selected.

One More Unique Factor

With a lot of supporting material coming in and out for the generators, material handling out of an opening in the ground is the only way to get material and equipment into the facility. 


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