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Grand Portage , MN | May 2024

GSA: Grand Portage Generator Replacement

This project was to replace the existing generator of the General Services Administration (GSA). The old generator was only was able to provide backup power for a few circuits, while the new one supplies enough power to back up the entire facility. 

Location, Location, Location!

This project was located literally at the end of the road to Canada, three hours from our shop, in an area with no cell phone service. Aside from two light poles, this generator is the last structure before entering The Great White North! 

Pre-planning was extra important, as materials were scarce and daily deliveries were not possible. For us to perform our changeovers from the old to the new system, we had to schedule our outages with the customer weeks in advance, even though we couldn’t count on weather or if materials would even arrive on time. 

We supplied and installed a 200KW generator with diesel tank, permanent load bank and controller, portable connection cabinet, remote annunciator, and automatic transfer switch. 

Once the new system was tested and operational, we had to remove the old generator from the basement. The unit had to be rigged to be pulled horizontally through a hole in the wall into a pit, and then turned 90 degrees and lifted over the pit wall and railing. It was then placed on a trailer to be removed. 


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