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Continental USA | January 2016

Enterprise Class Data Centers

Hunt Electric has completed the most sophisticated and reliable Enterprise Class data centers for Fortune 500 clients. The Enterprise Class data center consists of highly reliable, hardened and secure facilities that traditionally implement proven design concepts. Information technology spaces are often in excess of 100,000 square feet backed up by large (50mW or greater) central plant type infrastructures that are both fault tolerant as well as 100% concurrently maintainable. Our expertise has often resulted in the deployment of small and large Tier III or Tier IV facilities in remote areas of the United States in less than 24 weeks.

Major Installations:

  • ADP (60,000 square feet of IT space)
  • American Express (100,000 square feet of IT space)
  • CitiGroup (100,000 square feet of IT space)
  • HSBC (60,000 square feet of IT space)
  • Project Dolphin (1,000,000+ square foot program)