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Minneapolis, MN | March 2021

Children's Hospital Modernization Project

Children’s Minnesota is one of the largest free-standing pediatric health systems in the US and provides health care for the most amazing kids on earth. In order to provide outstanding healthcare, the facility needs equipment that can support the mission.  The motor controllers, switchboard, and panels were really dated and parts were becoming difficult to secure.  Upgrading this equipment became more urgent.

The project was completed in multiple phases over the course of 6 months with temporary power required to support the loads.  This included separation of loads in order to get them on the correct branch.  The electrical equipment we replaced and modified supports some key items in the hospital.  Things like AHU, pumps, and medical air. There was a lot of effort put into phasing and power cut overs so staff could continue to serve patients.  This takes a tremendous amount of coordination with facilities and multiple departments.  This was a critical project with a successful outcome.