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Minneapolis, MN

Children's Minnesota Interventional Radiology Operating Room

An IR Suite is the “home” for the IR physician and where nearly all IR procedures are performed. There are multiple imaging modalities available in the IR suite, including ultrasound, X-ray, fluoroscopy, and cone beam computerized tomography (CT). 

Hunt worked side by side with McGough and other trade partners to install the IR operating room.  This was a very tight space and coordination was key.  There were some challenging issues with equipment vendor layouts and we were able to identify these issues before it was too late.  We collaborated with Philips and found necessary ways to improve the installation for Children’s.

Specific work on this project involved:

  • Shell space buildout for hybrid operating room
  • Installation of 2 new isolation panels
  • All raceways for wiring to support the new equipment
  • Installation of a lighting control system
  • Installation of UPS system for equipment


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Hunt’s Role