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Marshall, MI | March 2026

BlueOval Battery Park

BlueOval Battery Park Michigan is a $3.5 billion investment by Ford Motor Company which will produce lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries that will power a variety of Ford’s next-generation EV passenger vehicles and pickups.
Hunt is the electrical trade manager for the 18-gigawatt/hour battery plant. Hunt’s preconstruction, industrial design, and BIM modeling teams have been pivotal thus far to get this project going in the right direction so that the construction team will succeed. 


The park is expected to create 2,500 jobs and make electric vehicles more accessible and affordable for customers. Ford is also working with the local government to preserve land and resources near the park.


The project was downsized by 50% causing a 6-month delay in design with no delay in the construction schedule. Hunt has had to push forward and develop design information for the electrical engineer to minimize missing construction windows. 


This plant will make LFP lithium-iron-phosphate batteries which are exceptionally durable and more cost-effective, as they use fewer high-demand and high-cost, materials.


  • Under Construction
  • Design/Assist
  • Industrial

Hunt’s Role