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Arden Hills, MN | August 2020

Bethel Science Building

A new three-story addition that provides cutting edge labs and classrooms for Bethel’s growing biology and chemistry programs.  The new 18,000 s.f. space is meant to foster community of the in-person and hands-on variety.  It houses dedicated space for biology and chemistry and is designed to support the growing number – and size – of programs in the sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

The space features interactive, multimedia-equipped classrooms; private labs for student-faculty research teams; and 27 fume hood-equipped work station.  The environmental studies storage space functions as a “mudroom” of sorts, where students will be able to go outdoors for hands-on labs and then stow nets, waders, and other equipment.  A chemistry prep room keeps lab materials at the ready with dishwashers and plenty of counter space.

Photo Credit: McGough


  • Educational
  • Design/Build

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