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Thursday, April 2, 2015

True Hunt Success Story

This photo shows a few of our people who were a part of a true Hunt success story. Five years ago Hunt was awarded the contract to build a data center and build out three floors of office space for AgriBank in downtown St. Paul.

The onsite crew and project manager performed an outstanding job, and helped get our service group involved at the end of the project to perform continued maintenance on AgriBank’ s data center with a (3) year contract. In the second year of this contract, AgriBank built out another floor and Hunt was awarded that project based on our past performance both in the construction process and data center maintenance. Now five years later, we were once again awarded the service contract and continue to be trusted with all principles of the data center and the rest of the project team. Hunt has also been able to include ECSI, and Power Solutions in both the construction side and the maintenance side. Pictured: Chris Bentrott, Josh Olson, Brian Schirmers, Bob Grill, Brian Jacobson, and John Axelson. Some key individuals missing from the photo are: Jeff C. Johnson of Hunt Electric, and “Gorgeous George” Simonet, and Connor Simonet, both from ECSI. While it took MANY people on our team to make this another successful project, these were just a few who were very heavily involved.