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Friday, February 19, 2021

Small Island, Big Challenge

Containerized Facilities Relieve Honolulu’s Testing Troubles

Reliable rapid detection is the first line of defense against the spread of COVID-19. But accessing the resources and facility space necessary for mass testing has challenged pandemic response efforts worldwide.

In Hawaii – the task was even more daunting. 

HONOLULU, HI - February 19, 2021 -  With nearly a quarter of its economy linked to tourism, effectively screening new arrivals is central to the state’s recovery. The problem? No laboratories in Hawaii could perform COVID-19 diagnostics. Instead, test swabs were flown to California – slowing results and limiting the state’s ability to quickly detect infected individuals.

Most airline passengers access the eight island archipelago through Honolulu International Airport (HNL) in O’ahu. Rapid on-site testing was a clear solution to better track and contain the virus. Hunt Electric teamed up with Synergy Med and other project partners to enable the process with a custom containerized lab.

Playing the Long Game for Rapid Results

Delivering a massive container unit to a tiny, isolated island is no walk in the park. From development, to deployment, to installation – there’s a lot of moving pieces. Our long-standing relationships and strategic processes helped ensure quality and efficiency every nautical mile.

Collaborative Culture for Shared Success

No person (or business) is an island. We encourage our staff to prioritize collaboration over archaic Lone Ranger mentalities. That’s how we develop partnerships and procedures that foster innovation and superior results.

  • Production: Synergy Med’s electrical partner in Colorado spearheaded the assembly of the Honolulu unit. Hunt Electric acted as an expert resource, sharing lessons learned and insights from past projects. By working as partners, rather than competitors, both teams – and the final product – improved throughout the process.
  • Efficiency: Poor planning can derail a project in a blink. Our Advanced Construction Planning (ACP) process helps our team stay ahead of expedited timelines. By centralizing our internal communication and coordinating the model with the broader project team in real-time, we keep everyone in the loop and charging forward.

Leveraging Long-Standing Relationships

Authentic, enduring relationships are at the heart of what we do. By tapping our trusted associates, we’re able to access effective, reliable partners in any location – on any timeline.

  • On-Site Rigging: We perform work in all fifty states and abroad, meaning if we don’t have boots on the ground – we know someone who does. With just a few calls by a longstanding rigging partner, we received an enthusiastic recommendation for local installation: Hawaiian Crane and Rigging.
  • Low-Voltage Installation: We often turn to Federated Electrical Contractor (FEC) associates to help deliver projects far from home. This valuable network connects our team with vetted, local experts – like Cache Valley Electric in Honolulu.


Rapid Response. Rapid Results.

Now, passengers arriving at HNL are greeted by safe and sanitary onsite testing. This helps  Honolulu screen for COVID-19 with greater speed and accuracy, protecting the entire island chain and giving the local tourism industry a little breathing room.

 The successful delivery of this logistically challenging project proves that containerized disaster response works – where it’s needed, when it’s needed.

You just need the right team for the job.