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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Project Profile: Sappi PM12 Headbox Replacement

Driving Innovation with High-Tech Tools

It’s no question: robotic technology and 3D modeling have revolutionized construction. Both can improve efficiency and accuracy, minimize waste, increase safety, and dramatically trim construction schedules.

Their potential is immense—provided the humans know how to harness it.

This project, which involved highly-detailed work at a Duluth paper mill, demonstrates how we use collaboration and education to leverage technology on the jobsite.

The Sappi PM12 Headbox Replacement project involved coordinating with a model created by a 3D robot. The robot captured pictures of the existing conditions from all angles, locations, and directions and transposed them to the general contractor’s highly sophisticated 3D model. Our team then worked with this model to coordinate and model our own.

A Collaborative Effort for Project Success

Constantly evolving technology puts team members at every stage of the learning curve. Since the owner was new to 3D modeling, we tapped the expertise of the facilities coordinator and the project engineer. This collaboration ensured the appropriate scope was delivered to the owner’s standards.

Technology. Training. Teamwork.

Advancements in technology empower our field teams, too! Our designer helped train our general foreman and foreman, who had no prior experience, to use the programs for prefabrication and installation application.  This 3D modeling education equipped our field leadership for success—benefitting everyone on the jobsite.