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Friday, August 17, 2012

First of Many Restaurants to Open at MSP Airport’s G Concourse

Due to new management taking over, on New Year’s Eve last year 25 Hunt electricians participated in the rebranding of 8 restaurant/retail venues in just a short 24 hour period. These spaces which include new light fixtures, sound systems, kitchen layouts and equipment, and new network communications cabling are all temporary during the G Concourse overhaul.

This was just the start of the project which ultimately will continue into early 2013. Once completed, approximately 20 different venues will be constructed valuing approximately $20 million. Each venue features the latest LED technology and independent dimming/lighting control systems. Electrical and communications wiring is being installed at each table in the gate hold rooms as well as the individual restaurants. This will allow travelers a virtual experience of ordering anywhere in the G concourse from any of the OTG restaurants. Approximately 1200 IPADs will be utilized for this process. Each venue requires a tight time line (2-3 months) of construction and Hunt is working days and nights to complete the project on time and limit disruption to passengers. Mimosa and Shoyu restaurants are opening soon (end of August) with additional venues opening every month throughout the rest of 2012 and beginning of 2013.

You can see a video of the work that happened New Year’s Eve here: