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Monday, March 4, 2019

Women In Construction: Kahlin Schoeberl

“I discovered that I really enjoyed working with my hands and being active. What inspired me to stay was the challenge. I’ve never really been very strong and I had never used any tools before the apprenticeship so it was all very new to me.”

This week, as part of Women in Construction Week, we are highlighting women as a viable component of the construction industry. WIC Week also provides an occasion raise awareness of the opportunities available for women in the construction industry and to emphasize the growing role of women in the industry.


Journeyman Electrician
Years In Trades:  7

Meet Kahlin, a Journeyman Electrician who is currently working on multiple projects at the MSP Airport.  Kahlin originally got into the trades just a year out of high school when she wasn’t sure what she wanted to do.  Her Mom, a Master Electrician, suggested she apply for the Apprenticeship.  Kahlin decided to give it a shot and started working in the summer helper program.  There she discovered that she really enjoyed working with her hands and being active. The challenge inspired here to stay as she felt she had never really been very strong and had never used any tools prior to this so it was all very new.  She watched her Foreman and Journeyman do all these things and would listen to all the knowledge they had about the trade which made her want to get to that point as well.  Another thing Kahlin loves about her job - “Nothing beats being able to drive by a building and say I helped build that.”