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Friday, March 6, 2020

WIC Week: Jackie Bobick

Our FINAL #WICweek feature is – *drum roll please*… Foreman Jackie Bobick! Jackie has been with Hunt Electric for nearly 15 years and has nearly twenty years of experience in the industry.

Her favorite part of her job? Each day is different.

“I love the variety of working in the field,” she says. “You’re not in the same building, parking in the same spot, working with the same ten people every day.”

As one of our lead solar service technicians, Jackie certainly doesn’t report to the same building every day. In fact, she’s not inside much at all! You can find Jackie on Hunt solar sites across the region. She performs startup and commissioning on everything from 200kW rooftop mounts to major 5MW – 20MW operations.

“I’ve seen amazing parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin that I never even knew existed,” she says. “I get to meet the Hunt teams that built each site, work with the local utilities, and experience some really beautiful places.”

Along with the diversity of work, Jackie loves the stability the industry provides electricians at every stage of their career.

“The debt-to-income ratio in electrical construction is outstanding,” she says. “You can go to school for two years and get a great paying job with excellent benefits and insurance – we’re leading the field in that regard.”

Oh – and she’s not afraid of being replaced by technology, either.

“In the trades, we’re not nervous our jobs will be replaced by a computer,” she says. “New technology might make our work easier, but you’ll always need a skilled set of hands on the jobsite.”

Thanks for #LightingTheWay, Jackie! We’re proud to have you on our team!
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