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Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Chris Schieffer Promoted to Project Manager

Please join us in congratulating Chris Schieffer on his promotion to Project Manager!

“I don’t expect my responsibilities to change much from what I was doing as an assistant project manager; there will just be more of everything. Hunt Electric has done a great job of exposing me to many different types of projects helping me round out my skills.”

BLOOMINGTON, MN – April 2024 - Hunt Electric’s Chief Operating Officer Keith Colvard recently announced the promotion of Chris Schieffer to Project Manager.  As Chris steps into a project manager role his responsibilities won’t change much from an assistant project manager; there will just be “more of everything,” Chris says.   He goes on to share that Hunt Electric has done a great job of exposing him to many different types of projects to round out his skills.  He will now do more planning, buyouts, scheduling, financial management, and change management while taking on more of a client facing role.

Chris started at Hunt in 2019 as an intern, and then was hired on full time in 2020 as an assistant project manager.  He’s always wanted to be involved with the trades in some capacity and ended up choosing electrical construction because he felt electricity is the way of the future.

He wasn’t wrong when he mentioned he’s been exposed to many different types of projects.  In his five years at Hunt, he’s been a part of prefabricated modular containers, many solar gardens, several warehouse and remodel projects, a hospital, a manufacturing facility, and a handful of data centers.

Congratulations Chris, on your well-deserved next step!