Season’s Greetings & Happy Holidays From Your Friends at Hunt Electric

‘Tis the season (...already?!)

Another landmark year is coming to a close and the holidays are right around the corner. As we celebrate with loved ones and toast to the year ahead, it’s hard not to wonder what’s in store?

The “twenties” came in with a roar; and a LOT has changed! But through every unexpected twist and turn, the construction industry has shown we were built for the challenge.

As we look forward to the new year, we find joy and inspiration in looking back. And when we asked the Hunt team to “tell us something good” – they had a lot to say!

So, cheers to the holidays, good friends and family, and a promising new year. Now, let’s send off 2021 with a look back at our team’s favorite moments from the past two years.

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Big Challenges, Big Changes.

The construction industry has changed dramatically since the start of 2020. And adaptation and innovation are the name of the game.

From project slow-downs to health and safety concerns, supply chain complications to local manpower scarcity – there’s been no shortage of challenges at hand!

But our skilled teams and valued partners have gone above and beyond, adjusting to changing circumstances while delivering the superior quality our clients have come to expect.

Here’s a few highlights:

  • National Market: Despite logistical complications across the country – our national division has been busy! In 2020/21, we successfully completed 40 projects in 16 states, ranging from small jobs to mega-ventures.
  • Local Market: When COVID-19 put many local construction projects on hold, we helped our customers turn their focus to electrical maintenance and repairs. Now, as delayed builds come back online, they’re recharged and ready to roll!
  • Rochester: With construction paused for much of 2020/21, our Rochester team focused on public projects like K-12 construction, local hotels, and service work.
  • Duluth: All good news on the Northern front! Our Duluth division continues to leverage long-standing relationships, with their team members as strong a selling point as their fair rates and superior service.
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How We Grew to Better Serve YOU!

In 2021, every department at Hunt Electric made a new hire. What’s that mean for our clients? We’re expanding where it matters most (everywhere!) and we’ve got more help than ever to meet your evolving project needs.

  • Prefabrication Highlights: This Summer Hunt Electric acquired the Baer Manufacturing building to expand our prefabrication capabilities. Our growing team surpassed annual staffing goals six months ahead of schedule and topped $4 million in volume by the end of Q3!
  • Low Voltage Goes National: Our low voltage division was instrumental in the completion of several national-level projects in 2021. Now, ECSI is teaming up with our National Division to pursue jobs across the USA.
  • Branch Expansions: Our Duluth branch is training an Advanced Construction Process (ACP) specialist to boost efficiency in the snowy North. In Rochester, a designated ECSI professional brings low-voltage to our Southern clients.
  • Generating New Connections: Our generator services division is powering forward in Southern Minnesota. In 2021, we added hundreds of maintenance contracts and 10 installations in the Rochester area.
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Innovative Solutions Help Us Stay Ahead

Predictability has been in short supply the last few years. (You may have noticed!) We regularly deploy new digital tools to stay organized and responsive, while continuous workflow and process improvements keep timelines right on track.

Let’s take a peek at a few big updates:

  • Manufacturing: Our prefab team implemented a field ordering software at Baer Manufacturing called Remarcable – and it is!
  • ECSI: Our low-voltage division is implementing new estimating software to supercharge accuracy in the preconstruction phase.
  • Warehouse: The Baer Manufacturing warehouse adds 155,000 square feet for receiving, returns, and materials flow. Our warehouse team developed a process to streamline it all.
  • Accounting: New systems updates keep expense reporting, credit and collection, and time entry efficient and orderly. 
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It’s Official:
We’re 100% Employee-Owned!

In Spring of 2021, Hunt Electric officially completed the transition from private corporation to ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) company. What’s This Mean?

  • We’re People-Powered: Instead of selling to an outside party, employee-ownership puts our people first. Our exceptional team members are what makes our company great; an ESOP model gives them a voice in important matters.
  • Invest In US: ESOP companies are tax-exempt, which gives Hunt Electric more flexibility to invest in our business, our people – and their people.
  • Greater Growth Incentives: When an ESOP company profits, everyone profits. Through their hard work and commitment, our 239 employee-owners generate continued success (that pays dividends!).
  • Stronger Ties: ESOP companies tend to have more engaged employees, stability, and training opportunities – all without the employees needing to invest their own dollars.
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We Grew in Our Careers!

Hunt Electric is people-powered. And we know people don’t just stay the same.

That’s why we offer educational opportunities, encourage employee feedback, and provide annual one-on-one reviews that uplift our team members’ passions and skill sets.

Over the past two years, our team members have grown in their careers by heading up exciting workplace initiatives (like our new Vision Team), receiving specialized training to become experts in their fields, and obtaining promotions that let their talents shine.

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Highlights at Home:

In 2021 the Hunt family celebrated countless milestones in their personal lives. From new love, to new engagements, to big wedding days. From sending their kids off to college to welcoming new family members into their lives.
(That’s babies, grandbabies – and fur-babies, too!)

We celebrated good health, big birthdays, new homes, and new beginnings – and some of us even bagged our lifetime biggest bucks!

Our team has put in unprecedented effort over the past few years, and their unique pursuits and passions are what make them so great to have around.

So cheers to you, Hunt family – enjoy the holidays and have some fun!

We are thankful for our relationship with you in 2021 and look forward to fostering more in 2022!

Visit our website to learn about the projects we worked on this year.