Wishing You a Very Happy Holiday from All of Us at Hunt Electric Corporation

Safety. It’s the foundation of our business.

So, we thought we’d make it the highlight of our year! Whether we’re building big ideas, bold innovations, or better business – nothing matters if we don’t play our role in a safer job site. We work hard to equip our teams with the tools and training that get them— and everyone on site— home the same way they arrived that day. It’s been a big year for our safety program, and we want to shine a spotlight on some of our favorite moments: We’ve introduced an exciting new safety initiative, grown our talented corporate and national leadership teams, and have continued elevating our commitment to a company-wide culture of safety. Join us for a holiday stroll through a year in safety at Hunt Electric!

Safety is a T.E.A.M. Effort!

Safety is more than just a hardhat – our most powerful piece of PPE is a group safety mindset.

Many workplace injuries are caused by the personal choices made leading up to the incident, by both the individual and those around them. This year, we turned our focus to creating a culture that puts safety first on the jobsite

Our Tools for T.E.A.M. Safety initiative helps our crews keep safety top of-mind on site.

T.E.A.M reminds our employees to:

  • Take Time to Assess Jobsite Hazards
  • Empower Others to Speak Up
  • Always Follow Safety Protocol
  • Maintain Mindset Awareness

T.E.A.M is the cornerstone of our safety program. Supporting a mindset of group and individual accountability helps keep our crews and our customers safe on site— and that’s the job we value most.

We LOVE Our Leadership Team!

We have 13 full-time safety experts on sites around the country, and they do more than just keep us on OSHA’s good side (although they do a pretty good job of that, too!)

Our safety leaders are our first line of defense against workplace hazards. Leading the charge on safety at jobsites across the country is no small task—they’ve been busy this year!

In 2019, our Safety Team:

  • Evaluated safety on over 760 job sites
  • Led nearly 800 hours of comprehensive safety training
  • Completed numerous certification and safety education programs
  • Implemented our new T.E.A.M. Safety initiative
  • GREW!—we added team members to our corporate team in Bloomington, Minnesota AND site-specific representatives at several large projects out-of-state.

Outstanding — and Stretching! — in Their Field

Our electricians rely on their bodies for their livelihoods, so we practice proper maintenance.

Keeping our crews safe is about more than just preventing accidents. Because construction sites are physically demanding environments, our safety strategy includes preventing bodily wear-and-tear on the job.

Strains and sore muscles make work more difficult and can worsen over time. We beat breakdown with daily stretching, ergonomics training and regular stretch and flex education.

Whether our team members tweak an elbow performing a repetitive task or strain a shoulder playing catch with the kids, we offer free physical therapists that our employees can request whenever, why-ever.

They deserve it.

Knowledge is Power — and power’s a big deal for electricians!

Whether it’s their first day on the job or they’ve been with us since the beginning, providing our team members regular, quality safety training is our top priority.

We educate and empower employees at every stage of their career. Our half-day new hire orientations and reorientations for veteran employees don’t just cover tool protocol and protective gear, they assure our crews that if they speak up about safety—we’ve got their back.

Our field leadership helps us uphold strong safety standards across our many jobsites. Our supervisory staff attend continuous improvement and industry best practice training twice a year to keep them aligned with our safety values and expectations.

New jobsite? Not without detailed site-specific safety training. We know the hazards associated with electrical work; we make sure our teams are thoroughly prepared for unique hazards—on every job site, every time.

Safety isn’t just for business – it’s for our future.

The things that get our team out of bed every morning are the things we want to send them home to every night.

First words.
Birthday parties.
Passion projects.
Family trips.
Big games.


Safer practices help us do better work, build stronger relationships, and continue driving innovation in the electrical industry. But, at the end of the day—it’s about the end of their day.

And getting them home to the things that matters.

Thank you for another great year,

Happy Holidays from Hunt Electric, ECSI, Power Solutions, and ARS